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Shannon Formby is a passionate author, inspirational speaker, and leader. His book, “Captivated” has touched the hearts of thousands throughout the world. Life can be hard at times yet there is always hope. Get inspired and stay inspired with our library of powerful resources, tools, and tips.

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Captivated Moments are power packed inspirational messages from Shannon that help us stay connected. Listen in online, on Facebook, or we can shoot them to your inbox weekly when you get the Captivated Newsletter. Staying inspired is just a click away so sign up now!

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Let this Christmas be a CAPTIVATED Christmas. Get a copy of Captivated and The Captivated Study Guide for friends and family. It’s a great way to give the gift of a lifetime, and support our ministry!

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Our passion is to spread the good news of Jesus and to deliver our message of hope to as many places as possible. Captivated has been shared throughout the United States, as well as throughout areas all the way from Pakistan, Mexico, India, even to the foothills of the Himilyan mountains. Your partnership helps us to grow and reach even farther and in even better ways. We are a fully tax deductible, 501 c3 non profit organization.

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THE CAPTIVATED JOURNEY- The greatest path in life is the one led by God and travelled with friends.

  • Captivated the Book
  • Finish your race!
  • Ask God for more!
  • Hope
  • Peace be still!
  • "What's stopping you now?"
  • Be a new creation
  • Don't just believe...TRUST
  • shannon formby
  • Created to overcome

While you are here get your very own copy of, “Captivated” the book. This is where it all started! This life-changing book will inspire you. It is full of powerful tools and tips on how to live  the life of hope God created for you to live! It is a perfect gift so get more and share with friends and family. It is a great way to support our ministry and community.

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