Join our exciting journey of faith as we get Captivated together!

my passion

My greatest passion is to see all people living in the fullness of God. Captivated is a grassroots ministry with a vision and dedication to cover the earth with the love and the hope of Jesus. I am excited to have you join me on this journey. Come and share in our culture of loving people and living Jesus… let’s get Captivated together!

blog - my Captivated journey

The greatest path in life is the one led by God...and travelled with friends. Come and join me on my Captivated journey. Let's get Captivated together!

  • Finish your race!
  • Ask God for more!
  • Hope
  • Peace be still!
  • "What's stopping you now?"
  • Be a new creation
  • Don't just believe...TRUST
  • shannon formby
  • Created to overcome

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