“What’s stopping you now?”

"What's stopping you now?"

What’s holding you back? It’s a simple question…but the answer is not always so simple. Most people in all areas of the world, at different stages of life, both young and old alike all share something in common. That is that they are most likely going through stuff.
Now the situations and the circumstances may be different. Stuff at work, stuff at home, relationship stuff, financial stuff, health stuff. Their background may not be the same, but the truth still remains that people are going through stuff.  Many times the very thing that is holding us back are things that are hidden within us. Our doubts, fears, and concerns can echo throughout our mind and create and atmosphere of defeat before we even realize what is happening.

The simple truth is that if we don’t confront these thoughts, doubts, and worries then they will simply continue to bounce around within us and reverberate and cause more chaos within. They can keep us bound up in the stuff we are going through instead of walking in victory. Without confronting them, they will begin to have an affect on our decisions, our confidence, and even our personality. This battle is fought in our minds, therefore, it is either won or lost in our minds.

Let today begin with a simple step. A simple choice of action. We need to make the decision that we will take captive every thought and make it obedient to the Word of God and the mind of Christ. Confront any emotion or thought that comes against your plan and God’s plan for your life. Don’t stand on the doubts of your circumstances or the lies of the enemy, confront these things head on. All they do is create fear, and God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. Stand on the peace of knowing that God has given you a spirit of power, love, and sound mind. This is a foundational step to living a Captivated life. So the question really shouldn’t be, “What’s holding you back?”, rather than, “What’s stopping you now?” After all, if God is for you…who can be against you?


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June 11, 2017

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