As with many words of faith, hope, is as much an attitude as it is a word. It can be a bold statement of absolute and unwavering faith. A profession of confident trust in God’s plan for our lives. “I put all of my hope and trust in the Lord.” Said with the right attitude, this is a powerful deceleration that can move mountains. 
However, hope can also be a term of wishful thinking. Many times, it is spoken more with doubt than with confidence. “I hope that I can get this job.” Too often, hope is used in the context of wishful thinking.
So many people pray with the hope that God will change their circumstances. The Word of God is clear that we are to make our requests known to God, but we place our hope in Him alone. Often times our desire is more in that our situation will change. The healing will come. The promotion at work will finally arrive. The situation with our kids will resolve. Honestly, our hope is more in getting a breakthrough than it is in trusting and having true hope in Him.
Our circumstances are ever changing from high to low. Regardless of who you are, there are things going on, and things you are going through. Our hope is in the Lord! Yes we want the healing, the restoration, the promotion, the best for our family, but our hope is in Christ. Our trust is in our Heavenly Father. As we present our requests to God, let’s place our hope in Him. Lay the burden at His feet and leave it there. “Our hope is in You Lord. Lead us, guide us, provide for us. Most of all, thank You for loving us.”


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