Don’t just believe…TRUST

Don't just believe...TRUST

Charles Blondin was a famous French tight rope walker in the 1800’s. As a tight rope expert, he became the first person to tightrope across Niagara Falls in 1860. People watched and cheered in amazement as he walked across the falls over and over again.

Each time he would cross he would do something more outrageous. He would do it blindfolded, doing different tricks, carrying things, and pushing things, he even carried a stove out and cooked an omelet on the tightrope.

To the crowds amazement, at one point he took a wheel barrow and he pushed it across effortlessly. As he approached the crowd, they cheered as they always did. Then Blondin asked an amazing question. “Does anyone believe that I can push a person across in the wheel barrow?” They crowd roared and screamed “Yes!!” Blondin quietly replied, “Who will get in?” Stunned, the crowd just stared. Needless to say, nobody got in the wheel barrow. That was the difference between “believing in Him” and “trusting in Him”.

As true believers we are called to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7). Life gets difficult at times and in those times we have to remember to trust in our Heavenly Father. Walking by faith means that there will be times where it will take “faith” to push forward and believe. There will be times where it will take courage and faith to follow and trust Him. To simply know that He is in control even when it feels like we are out of control. There will be times where if we rely on our own sight to strengthen us then we will be disappointed. We will have to lean in and trust that God is controlling the circumstances regardless of how things appear to us.

When times get hard and it seems that the ground beneath you is unsteady you must walk by faith. Trust in Him that although things appear unstable, of we are with Him, we are on solid ground. Put your trust in Him. You can get in His wheel barrow.


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June 11, 2017

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